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Milkana Brace

Milkana Brace

We live in exciting times! We’re at the early stages of a tectonic and rapid shift towards the use of voice as a platform across devices: smartphones, smart speakers, cars, and a multitude of other smart devices. Billions of dollars are being poured into the ecosystem by the tech giants in the US, China and Korea. Amazon, Google, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Alibaba and Xiaomi are deploying tens of thousands of their top engineers to reimagine how humans interact with technology in a voice-only or voice-also way.

Just like mobile completely transformed how humans interact with technology – when, where, how and why – voice is unlocking another wave of innovation ahead of us. We are already beginning to control devices, search for information, buy products and entertain ourselves completely hands-free using only our voices.

With the shift to voice, there’s an ecosystem of 3rd party voice apps (skills) that is rapidly emerging on voice platforms like Alexa and Google Assistant. Every brand, game, news provider, and educational institution will inevitably reach consumers through voice, just as they do today through mobile and web. Similarly, in the enterprise space, workers will interact via voice with all of their favorite productivity apps.

Today’s skills provide only a teaser for what’s to come. As any new product does, most skills today have severe limitations. These limitations exist largely because there are no underlying tools to help skill developers craft engaging experiences. This is why Jargon exists.

At Jargon, our mission is to create the most useful content management and developer tools specifically designed for voice.

We believe that without such tools, skills will continue to be a novelty and experiment, instead of becoming a truly ubiquitous part of our lives.

Today, skills are static, non-personalized and monolingual. They’re difficult to build and maintain, often requiring engineering experts to make even simple changes. Jargon’s Content Platform is continuously adding new functionality to tackle these issues and enable developers and product owners to create richer voice apps.

This blog will be a place where our team shares observations and learnings from our experience working with skill developers and the voice platforms. We’d love to hear from you, drop us a note if you have ideas you want to share or questions about Jargon!