Talk Jargon at the Alexa Conference

Milkana Brace

Milkana Brace

The Alexa Conference presented by VoiceFirst.FM is next week, and we’re excited to connect with influencers and developers in the voice ecosystem!

Milkana Brace

Be on the lookout for our CEO, Milkana Brace, who will be attending and speaking on two panels. The first panel, “Voice-First Tools Of The Trade”, takes a deep dive into the tools available for product teams and developers creating skills. The second panel, “How The Alexa Accelerator Has Changed Voice Technology”, has Milkana speaking about her experience in the Amazon Alexa Accelerator this past Fall.

To attend these sessions, please see the times listed below:

Tuesday January 15th - Session # 115
10:45 AM - 11:30 AM
Panel: Voice-First Tools Of The Trade
Milkana Brace (CEO, Jargon)
Jonathon Myers (CEO, Earplay)
Abhishek Suthan (CEO, Pulse Labs)

Wednesday January 16th - Session # 254
3:45 PM - 4:15 PM
Panel: How The Alexa Accelerator Has Changed Voice Technology
Milkana Brace (Founder and CEO, Jargon)
Matt Hammersley (Co-Founder and CEO, Novel Effect)
Rodrigo Prudencio (Alexa Fund)
Dylan Zwick (Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Pulse Labs)
Moderator: Bradley Metrock​ (Producer, VoiceFirst Events; Host, This Week In Voice)

The full program for the conference is available here.

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