Amazon Talks Localization

Levi Sawyers

Levi Sawyers

Amazon Talks Localization
The Amazon Alexa team recently hosted a localization webinar for voice developers that dove into the importance of separating and managing content. They walk you through how and when to think about localization and give tips on how to efficiently execute.

As part of the webinar, the hosts, Andrea Muttoni and Rafael Miranda, highlighted a few developer issues including hard-coding strings. They talk about Jargon as a painless alternative to i18next: “It’s an SDK like i18next but made specifically for Alexa”.

Interested in viewing the webinar? Check it out here.

How else did they talk about Jargon?
As an easy-to-use resource made specifically for Alexa: “Jargon not only has the front end sdk that you can use for your code, but it also has a backend service that you can use [which is completely disconnected from actual the SDK] which you can use to upload your skill resources and specify which sort of tone, which sort of feel you want your skill to have - and then have a professional team of translators actually translate the skill or you can use their platform with your own translators.”

Looking to get started on the Jargon SDK? Start here with a few simple steps

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