Support for Actions on Google

Jonathan Burstein

Jonathan Burstein

Jargon SDK Support for Actions on Google

Actions on Google Jargon SDK

Hey Google, we support you!

The Jargon team is excited to announce the Jargon SDK for Actions on Google. The Jargon SDK makes it easy for Actions on Google developers to manage their runtime content and to support multiple languages from within their fulfillment code. The Jargon SDK seamlessly integrates with actions that build their fulfillment using the Actions on Google library for nodejs, and supports both Dialogflow and the Actions SDK.

The Jargon SDK for the Actions on Google library is available at

Click here to get started today using Jargon.

About Jargon: Jargon enables voice applications on services like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to structure, manage, and optimize their content. For more information, visit

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