VUX World with Jargon - a Podcast

Levi Sawyers

Levi Sawyers

VUX World with Jargon - a Podcast

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We’re excited to share that we recently teamed up with our friends at VUX World to talk Jargon. #Voicefirst podcasters, Kane Simms and Dustin Coates, sat down with our founders, Milkana Brace and Jonathan Burstein, to explore the Jargon SDK and discuss how Jargon is supporting the voice movement.

“We’re really excited to be part of what we perceive to be a revolution that’s happening in voice, to be able to help shape it and really share in the excitement along with many other developers who are creating skills and actions”
- Milkana Brace

Take some time out of the commute to listen below into the benefits of the Jargon SDK with conversations ranging from localization to content management and best practices when it comes to voice development.

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About Jargon: Jargon enables voice applications on services like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to structure, manage, and optimize their content. For more information, visit

About VUX World: The voice user experience design and strategy podcast. Practical insights and tips for people and brands looking to make waves in the future of customer interaction - voice. For more information, visit

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