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Life as a J: Keith Stone

This week, we’re continuing our series introducing Jargon’s first pilot and street bike racer, Keith. As we continue to grow and invest resources into building tools for voice technology, we look forward to sharing with the community a spotlight on J’s contributing to the ecosystem.

Keith, where is home for you?
About fifteen minutes south of Seattle in Renton, WA - born and raised!

Give us a little background about yourself:
From a personal level, I like to play video games, race motorcycles, and most recently became a pilot. From a professional level, I grew/learned a lot at other startup companies. When the last start-up failed, I realized I still had the bug to build and wanted to try it again!

Describe yourself at age 10:
I wanted to be a video game programmer! I tried to make my own mafia-style game. I quickly realized I didn’t know what I was doing but nonetheless, I knew I wanted to make games. I was also caught up in the Pokemon craze so it was definitely fitting.

Have you had your 15 minutes of fame yet?
I was featured on “Eric’s Little Heroes” on Komo 4, a news station in Seattle, probably around the age of 10. The segment claimed I was eating dirt when really I had fallen trying to get to first base - they clearly didn’t have the full story.

If you could witness any historical event, what would you want to see?
Probably the first flight…It had never been done before, can you imagine the first time it took off?

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Can you play any instruments?
I played trumpet in the husky marching band - started in grade school and all the way to university.

What does a weekday in your shoes look like?
If I eat breakfast, it’s a lot of smoked salmon on a bagel. Then I’ll typically catch the bus or ride my bicycle into work and just start coding and building. Once I get back home, I might play Destiny with my wife Christina or work on the dirtbike.

keith stone jargon bike

What about the weekend?
Trying to find a race to participate in on various motorcycles or go to a Seattle Sounders game. In the wintertime, anything to go play in the snow like snowshoeing or snowboarding. It’s always fun getting out to enjoy the region we live in.

Is there anything you’re excited about completing outside of work?
Well, I just completed my pilot’s license so I’m very excited to get to use that. My dream trip is to fly down to Disneyland in California. Disneyland is where me and Christina went for our honeymoon so it’s special for us.

What excites you the most about voice?
I just think the barrier to entry for voice technology being so low is what excites me - there’s nothing to install outside of the initial investment. It’s a very natural mechanism to control or interact with.

Who is your go-to voice assistant?
Amazon Alexa because the voice assistant was first to market. She controls my home and we used Alexa before Google Home had launched. I also thought of Alexa as a breakthrough compared to Siri at the time because Amazon enabled third-parties to innovate so much easier.

The year is 2030, what is a voice interaction like?
My prediction is based on stuff I’ve seen recently. There’s not going to be Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant - there’s going to be a generic interface removing that first level so it’ll be seamless as we move though our environment.

Anything else you would like to tell the community?
Shout out to my wife Christina for supporting my crazy lifestyle!

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