J19 Retreat

Milkana Brace

Milkana Brace

Last week, our team got to head out to Leavenworth, WA for what will become an annual retreat. Levi was the master organizer of the event - he picked out a fantastic destination, found a great rental and arranged a well-paced, fun-filled schedule. We went hiking and zip lining. We played board games, cooked together, and explored the town. We took in the warm and sunny weather and the gorgeous foliage. We relaxed and had a good time.

jargon seattle

*The Jargon team (L to R): Jonathan Burstein, Seth Lugibihl, Levi Sawyers, Milkana Brace, Keith Stone, Shaun Withers*

Of course, the best part of the retreat was bonding as a team, taking on different roles and learning more about each other. Here are some of the things I discovered about my teammates:

- Shaun is terrified of heights! One would have expected him to bow out of our ziplining adventure, but to his credit, he pushed through his fear and zipped above the tree line across 5 different lines! Go, Shaun :-)

- Keith is a whiz of board games! He brought an entire collection of games and instructed the rest of us on the rules and strategies of the board games we played. I hope he starts a board game tournament at Jargon, so we don’t have to wait until the next retreat to play again...Levi and I have some redeeming to do!

- Seth is one of 66 first cousins! How’s that for a big family?! In contrast, Jonathan has no first cousins.

- Jonathan has been skydiving before! It sounds like the adventure was a while back and he’s not keen to repeat it any time soon but we learned about his airborne achievements.

- Levi is planning to build a back-yard studio this winter, with his own hands. He previously outfitted a van, which was a good warm-up project and he now has the confidence and skills to build on a larger structure.

Jargon board game

*Seth, Levi, and Shaun learning a board game from Keith's collection*

Being a small team, we could carpool in two cars, stay in a single house, cook together and eat around a single table. We could all play a single board game and have a single conversation that everyone could participate in. It was certainly a very special experience and while future retreats are definitely in the plans for Jargon, some of the activities we got to enjoy might no longer be possible as our team scales. So grateful for the fun times and amazing team!

Jargon zipline

*The Jargon team ready to zipline*