Jargon + Jovo v3 Support

Shaun Withers

Shaun Withers

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A future with many successful voice assistants is becoming clearer every day. In addition to working with proprietary assistants, we at Jargon are committed to supporting all of the major voice assistants. This is why we are excited to announce our integration and support for Jovo v3.

Jovo is the leading voice development framework, allowing development teams to build and run voice experiences that work across devices and platforms, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby, mobile phones, Raspberry Pi, and more.

With the multitude of devices and voice assistants available, users have the flexibility to choose which experience works best for them in the environment or situation they are in. For teams building voice experiences on these platforms, this doesn’t mean that development and content efforts need to be reworked and maintained separately for each voice experience.

With Jargon, teams can structure and maintain their multimodal content in one place, while delivering content across many voice assistants, devices, and locales. With tools designed for authoring and editing multimodal content, teams can focus on perfecting their content without worrying about the mechanics of assembling responses. “As a developer, I love Jovo and Jargon because they help me develop more quickly than I can on my own. Whether I start with Jargon, or bring it to an existing Jovo product, I gain time and lose stress because now content management is a team effort across disciplines.” - Dustin Coates, Alexa champion and co-host of the VUX World podcast

“In the last few years, content management of voice experiences has been an important, yet mostly unsolved problem. We’re happy to introduce Jargon to our community as the first CMS that focuses on voice and multimodal apps.” - Jan K├Ânig, CEO of Jovo

Both Jovo and Jargon are committed to building voice tools that enable teams to create rich voice experiences across available platforms. We’re thrilled to be working together to support the voice community and advance the quality of voice experiences for consumers.

Visit the developer page on our website for more information, or access the Jovo Plugin for the Jargon Platform SDK here. Get started today on Jargon by clicking here.

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