Live Virtual Demo Day with Women in Voice Seattle

Jargon women in voice

This week, the Jargon team is excited to share we’ll be participating in the upcoming Women in Voice event on Thursday, April 16th for a virtual live demo! Jargon will be joining three other Seattle-based voice companies to highlight various features of the voice tools available in the ecosystem. Highlighting the Jargon platform and sharing insights will be CEO, Milkana Brace, and Software Engineer, Vanessa Dyce.

The line-up of demos include: - A complete conversational intelligence API Platform that can be natively integrated into any platform or business. The first fully programmable interface that analyzes free flowing human to human natural conversations to generate shared knowledge across knowledge workers.
Jargon - Jargon empowers teams to author, deliver, and optimize voice experiences.
Novel Effect - Bring the story to life with voice-driven experiences. Elevate traditional media with immersive layers of interactive magic. Novel Effect’s ground-breaking voice applications bring the stories you love to life, from the page to the screen—and beyond.
Pulse Labs - Revolutionize your voice app development Surpass the Market Space with End-to-End Analytics, Insights, Testing, Optimization.

If you’re interested in joining the virtual event or to find more information about Women in Voice, follow this link.

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The Jargon team is always open to attending or providing supporting material to events and meet-ups. If you have an idea or suggestion to how we can support a local event, let us know!