Jargon + The Artificial Podcast

the artificial podcast

This week, we’re excited to announce a new episode of The Artificial Podcast featuring Jargon team members Shaun Withers, Head of Partnerships, and Levi Sawyers, Head of Customer Success. The Artificial Podcast is a weekly podcast series that breaks down trending topics in the world of AI and #VoiceFirst so everyone can understand how these technologies are impacting our lives personally and within organizations.

In the episode, Host Nick Myers chats with Levi Sawyers and Shaun Withers about how voice app developers and designers can master their content for Voice. Levi and Shaun share the origin story behind the Jargon CMS platform for voice and talk about what problems they are hoping the platform can solve for voice app designers and strategists. Levi and Shaun also talk about content best practices for voice assistant platforms like Alexa and Google Assistant, and why it’s important for anyone working in Voice to have a content strategy (and content management system) in place to truly be successful when designing and building voice apps.

To listen to the latest episode of The Artficial Podcast, follow this link to view various listening options.

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