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Levi Sawyers

Levi Sawyers

Jargon Pro Tip

At Jargon, we’re continuously building new features and concepts that improve the quality of voice experiences, built by enterprise teams. For our current and future customers, we’ve created a series of pro-tips to showcase the different abilities within Jargon. In this pro-tip, we’ll take a look at: Snippets

Jargon Pro Tip snippet

To maintain consistency and simplify the management of phrases, names, or entities, Jargon has the concept of a feature called snippets. Snippets can be any piece of content that can be edited once and referenced by many different voice responses. For example, if the synthetic voice always mispronounces the name of a company that is referenced many times, a snippet for that company name can be created once, marked up with SSML tags, and referenced in many different responses.

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