Jargon Pro-Tip Series

Levi Sawyers

Levi Sawyers

Jargon Pro Tip

At Jargon, we’re continuously building new features and concepts that improve the quality of voice experiences, built by enterprise teams. For our current and future customers, we’ve created a series of pro-tips to showcase the different abilities within Jargon. In this pro-tip, we’ll take a look at: Fallback Locale

Expanding to new locales and creating voice content for every region isn’t easy to do without the right tools. We’ve simplified the process of adding new locales by implementing fallback locales. Fallback locales are used to provide an alternative response when one is not available for a specified locale. This is particularly useful when working with different locales of the same language (e.g. English US and English UK). By selecting a fallback locale, you can focus on creating locale-specific variations where it matters, while sharing the bulk of the content that is in the same language and that doesn’t have locale-specific nuances.

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