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conversational response variants

In the pursuit of a dynamic and engaging conversation, Jargon offers the ability to create variants of the same conversational response. Variants are different ways to write or say the same message. For example, two variants of the same response could be “Welcome back, Jim! We have some great new stories for you.” and “Hi, Jim. Nice to see you again! Want to hear what’s new?”. With Jargon’s CMS, the conversational app will select variants of a response randomly, foolproofing the app against sounding repetitive.

conversational response variants

Jargon is built to support as many variants as desired. Each variant can be composed of as many as six types of components - a full list of which can be found here. With Jargon, all the components and variants are compiled into a single response, saving the developer from tedious, routine work, and writing excess code.

Adding variants can be as simple as the click of a button. Click here to get started in crafting your optimal conversational experience. If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter, Jargon Decoded, and receive Jargon updates in your inbox, visit this link to complete the request.

About Annie: Annie is an intern at Jargon, wearing many different hats. Her curiosity has led her to explore the Conversational AI space, including various product offerings and companies in the industry. Annie is balancing her senior year at Interlake High School with startup life at Jargon. She’ll be sharing her professional and industry learnings over several blog posts in the upcoming months.

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