Jargon Announces On-Premise Support

on prem support

As requested by our enterprise customers, Jargon now supports on-premise deployments in addition to cloud deployments.

Jargon offers the capability for conversational AI applications to make runtime requests to Jargon’s content serving environment to fulfill end customers’ requests. This content serving environment can now be hosted by a customer within the scope of their premises (cloud VPC, private cloud, colo, or private datacenter) or cloud hosted (in multiple locations worldwide).

Jargon’s authoring environment remains cloud-hosted only. As the main user interface, Jargon’s authoring environment allows customers to create, edit, and deploy content to Jargon’s content serving environment. The authoring environment can be hosted in a shared or private cloud instance.

For more enterprise-level capabilities, please contact us to arrange a time to discuss.

About Jargon

Jargon is the CMS for conversational AI. With Jargon, teams can author, deliver, and optimize chat and voice experiences. Technical or non-technical team members can publish content changes in a matter of seconds without needing to retrain and redeploy the application. Jargon allows teams to improve the quality of their app with tools built specifically for modeling and editing conversational AI.

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