Jargon’s DNA

We create magic together, seek the truth, improve every day, and embrace the odyssey

Create magic together

We dare to imagine and accomplish amazing things others don’t believe possible.
We share a deep sense of responsibility and ownership.
We move with focus, urgency, and resourcefulness, driven by results.
We bring the best in each other; offer and seek help; and lift each other up.

Seek the Truth

We pursue truth relentlessly by getting to the bottom of things, no matter how messy, challenging or uncomfortable.
We’re hyper realists. We don’t get trapped in wishful thinking. We embrace reality.
We choose truth over optics, every time.
We simplify, remove noise and friction.

Improve every day

We are curious, self-reflective and committed to learning and self-improvement.
We expect growth in ourselves, our peers and our company, daily.
We own our mistakes, learn from them and share learnings proactively.
We respond positively to adversity, as it provides opportunities for growth.

Embrace the odyssey

We struggle well together and accept that pain and discomfort are a price to pay for pursuing worthwhile goals.
We view obstacles and setbacks in perspective.
We bring passion and optimism to work every day.
We are deeply grateful for those who make the odyssey possible.