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Delivering Voice App Content

Content is hosted by Jargon and delivered to the application via the open-source Jargon Platform SDK. The Jargon Platform SDK allows edits made in Jargon to be released and accessed at runtime or content in Jargon can be downloaded at any time for an offline content release.

Jargon Content Releases

When content managed in Jargon is ready, a release can be initiated to make that content available to the application. There is an option to add a tag to the release to specify which development environment the content is intended for. There are two options for accessing the content: 1) through a live connection between Jargon (via the Jargon Content Distribution Network) and the application (via the Jargon Platform SDK) and 2) through offline downloads of release packages, which produce a set of JSON files to be manually uploaded to the application.

Live Content Services

Content can be accessed at runtime by the application by connecting the application to Jargon's live content servers (Jargon Content Distribution Network) by creating a JargonRemoteResourceManagerFactory instance, and placing that instance into the options passed to the appropriate framework specific adapter.

Jargon Content Releases - Offline

If preferred, content can be accessed offline by downloading content release packages and unzipping the set of JSON files into the application's resources subdirectory. The Jargon Platform SDK will reference those JSON files. This removes any run-time dependency on Jargon. Different modes are optimal for different situations and teams have the flexibility to choose either one or a hybrid mode, which involves calling Jargon at run-time but having a local fall-back option, if needed.

How to Push Live Voice Content Updates

To speed up iteration cycles, content changes that do not impact the core business logic can be released directly to the application without the need to involve the development team. This is commonplace for web and mobile content and essential to keep the voice experience updated and relevant.

The Jargon Platform SDK

The Jargon Platform SDK makes it easy for an application to access content authored in the Jargon Platform. It allows your voice application to obtain fully constructed, multi-component content (via responses, described below), along with individual content items (resources).

Development Environments

For more information on the development environment, check the latest in the developer documentation.

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