A Solution Built for Voice Devs

Manage runtime content and support multiple languages with the Jargon SDK for voice apps

Start Building

Release Responsibilities

Stay focused on logic, not gruntwork

Manage in One Place

Stop tracking down content changes in multiple locations - spreadsheets, yaml files, source code, etc.

Put in the Guard Rails

Enable content changes without breaking the app

Core Benefits of the Jargon SDK

Jargon Voice Content

Manage Content Separate from Code

Design with growth, flexibility, and maintainability in mind

Jargon Voice Medium

Design for Voice Medium

Take full advantage of voice-specific language structure and multi-modal support (such as Alexa’s voice, card, and screen content)

Jargon Language Localization

Account for Language Complexities

Gracefully handle pluralization, gender and proper names

Jargon Localization Translation

Support Localization

Support multilingual versions inside a voice app to maximize code reuse

Start Building with the Jargon SDK

The Jargon SDK supports Amazon Alexa skills and Actions on Google Assistant that are built using the Alexa Skill Kit SDK v2 for NodeJS, the Jovo Framework, or the Actions on Google Support Library

Free and Open Source

ASK SDKv2 NodeJS Actions on Google NodeJS Jovo V2 Framework
I’m enjoying the ease with which I can now add variations to my skill output, and it’s been great being able to interface with Jargon to localize and launch my skills in new markets.
Developer Jargon

Garrett Vargas

Alexa Voice App Developer

Introduction to the Jargon SDK

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Platform Support

The Jargon SDK is currently available for Amazon Alexa Skills built using the Alexa Skill Kit SDK v2 for NodeJS or the Jovo Framework, and Actions on Google built on NodeJS for Google Assistant, with support for other implementation languages and platforms coming soon.