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on Alexa by using the industry’s only voice-first, end-to-end localization service.
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Optimized for Voice

Jargon ensures the conversational nature of voice apps is preserved during localization, maintaining the tone and style of the original product. We have partnered with professional, certified translators and have equipped them with tools specifically designed for localizing voice content.

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Quality Guarantee

Every localized voice app runs through a checklist and a human review, to ensure compliance with language requirements for Alexa certification. Jargon guarantees that the localized apps pass the language portion of the Alexa certification. In the event where modifications are required, Jargon completes them at no extra cost.

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Frictionless Experience

Alexa developers securely upload the content of their voice app and specify the targeted languages. Jargon automates the process of finding translators, completing the localization, running a review process and repackaging the localized content in the same format.

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Blend of Machine and Human Translation

Machine translation alone is inadequate for meeting the requirements of Alexa certification. Jargon partners with professional localization networks to select native-speaking translators and reviewers, who are aided by machine translation for the optimal balance of efficiency, cost, and quality.

How Does it Work?

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Step 1: Implement the Free Jargon SDK

The content structure enables Jargon to automatically ingest and parse the content and prepare it for localization.

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Step 2: Upload Voice App Content

Securely share voice app content and targeted languages to receive a quote and schedule. Once the quote is accepted, Jargon kicks off the process and sends a notification when the localized content is ready.

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Step 3: Submit for Certification

The localized content is returned in a consistent format and can easily be incorporated into the voice app and submitted for certification by Alexa.


The cost of localization is calculated based on the size of the voice app and the languages supported. Jargon does not charge for engineering, project management, or administrative fees. Our prices are competitive and Jargon guarantees the quality of the localization. Please contact us for a commitment-free quote.

Additional Services

Please contact us for a localization solution involving multi-modal applications and/or applications requiring user-testing by native speakers.

Case Study

Read about the journey of Alexa skill developer, Garrett Vargas, in getting his US-based app, Roulette Wheel, localized for Germany.