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Getting Started on Your First Jargon Project

By managing content in Jargon, you can save time on content changes, improve the quality of your content, and prevent mistakes along the way. Here are the steps to get started on your first Jargon project.

How to create projects and responses:

1. Head to platform.jargon.com, the editing interface for projects.

2. After creating an account, at the top left of the screen is a plus sign to “Create Project”.

3. A few things to keep in mind when creating a new project:

  1. The project can be any assortment of three platforms: Alexa, Google, and Rasa. If Rasa is chosen, you may choose to import your domain.yml file(s) if you have an existing Rasa application.
  2. Locales are language and country pairings. Locale support differs depending on the platform chosen. You will need at least one locale to set up a project. Learn more about how locales assist in creating multilingual content here.
  3. Team members can be invited and given access via their emails. Team members may be an admin, allowing for editing, or a read-only role, allowing only for review.
  4. Note that anything added in these steps can be altered later in the settings so don’t worry about getting everything perfect to start.

4. Once you’ve created a project, you will land in the project details tab, which gives a high level overview of the project. The navigation tabs at the top of your project are as follows.

  1. The studio tab is where you can manage and refine the contents of your project.
  2. Releases is where the content of the project can be deployed and connected to a live version of your app.
  3. The media assets tab allows you to manage images, audio clips, or videos that can be inserted into your app responses [note that these must be connected to an online directory].
  4. The settings cog allows you to edit the project and team structure.
  5. You can switch between locales at the top left on the white header.

5. To create a new response in the studio, click the “+” sign to the right of Responses on the left navigation bar. You will be prompted to fill out details for the response, including a name, description, and the components included. Once the response has been created, you will see a summary of the response along with the application label that is in your application to call the response. Learn more about the various components within a response here.

6. For instructions on how to connect your application to Jargon, click here for a Rasa app and click here for Alexa, Google Assistant, or Jovo.

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