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Enriching Responses With Dynamic, Reusable Content and Editing Tools

To deliver a high quality experience, it is important to focus on the details and intricacies of conversational content. There can be many moving pieces within a single response that need to be defined, managed, and tested. With Jargon, you can enrich responses by adding dynamic variables, media assets, reusable snippets, and SSML tags.

How to add dynamic variables, media assets, reusable snippets, and SSML tags:

1. Within the studio, on the right side of the screen is the “Inserts” panel, which includes a list of media assets, snippets, and variables.

  1. Media assets are images and audio that can be managed in the Media Assets tab at the top and inserted into responses. To insert an audio clip into a speech component, select the “Insert Audio Clip” in the voice tools menu to the right of the text editor. To insert an image, select from the “Insert Image” button within supported components, like images or cards, which can be added using the “edit” button to the right of the variant name.
  2. Snippets are reusable pieces of content that can be managed in a single place and referenced in many. They can be commonly used phrases, prompts, or company names or items. To create a snippet, select “snippets” under the Inserts menu on the right and hit “create new.” Snippets can be inserted within many different responses.
  3. Variables are response-level elements, such as a user name, that are assembled at runtime based on the application’s state. If you would like to add variables from another response, click the “Select from other responses…” under “Variables” in the Inserts menu on the right, where you’ll see a list of other variables to choose from. Otherwise, you can create a new variable and insert it into a response component. [Variables and snippets can be deleted or renamed by right-clicking]

2. The speech and reprompt components and snippets have a visual SSML editor which allows you to enhance your responses with pronunciation, volume, pitch etc. at the simple click of the button. If you have made a syntax error, Jargon will alert you with an error message to fix the SSML tag.

3. Along with the SSML editor, Jargon provides a simulation for speech components with the “Hear it” button. You can select from a list of locale-specific voices to choose from. The “Compare it” button provides a screen which visually compares the previous app response at the latest changes (prior to your committed changes) with the current response.

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